Like-Rags Spunlace Wiper

Like-Rags Spunlace Wipers

Like-Rags Spunlace --- Cloth Rag Replacement

Like-Rags Spunlace Wipers are made from Woodpulp (cellulose) and Polyester bers through a hydroentangled process that uses no binders for an extremely tough towel.

  • SAFE: No chemical binders or resins
  • STRONG: Super strong even wet
  • CLEAN: Each towel is clean, usable, and always a consistent size. No holes, contaminants or corrosives from prior use that can sometimes be found with rentals.
  • ABSORBENT: Ideal for use in grease, oil, cleaning uids and water — will not breakdown in solvents
  • QUALITY: Inherently low linting which minimizes defects and contamination on surface
  • Ultra high tensile strength and abrasion resistance 

 * Trademarks of Cascades Tissue Group, Inc.

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