Like-Rags Heavy Duty Wiper

Like-Rags Spunlace Heavy Duty Wipers

Like-Rags Spunlace Heavy Duty Wipers --- Better Alternative!

Like-Rags Spunlace Heavy Duty Wipers are extremely tough towels that are a better alternative to rental rags and shop towels.

  • STRONG: Like-Rags® 800 towels are extremely strong (even wet!); yet have the bulky, soft feel of cloth — designed for durability and strength.
  • DURABLE: Like-Rags® 700/800 are inherently low linting and ideal for many solvent applications such as in aerospace, automotive, cleaning print presses or plates and in furniture staining processes.
  • ABSORBENT: Like-Rags® 700/800 are more absorbent in water, grease, oil, cleaning fluids than rental towels — and will not breakdown in solvents.

 * Trademarks of Cascades Tissue Group, Inc.

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